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DPS Whitefield is proud to present its fourth edition of Dhanak, with some stellar workshops and interesting stories. Celebrating artists and artisans, we welcome you to a journey, where you can be at your creative best. Let your imagination be your companion.

The Design and Art Festival
This year’s theme is SUSTAINABLE DESIGN, i.e. design that considers not only the consumer, but also our environment.


The workshops held at Dhanak'22 were an eye opener. Many students across the country had taken part in the virtual workshops, gaining a lot of knowledge about the design industry.

Interactive sessions

Dhanak'22 had also organised interactive sessions with various artisans and entrepreneurs, who shared about their experience in the design field, broadening our horizons as artists.

Online Exhibit

The diverse media, styles, and themes of the display, combined with the varied backgrounds of the artists themselves, give guests a look into a completely new and stunning world. Explore our exhibit below.


The results of all the competitions held in Dhanak'22 are out!

Don't forget to check them out.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

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