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interactive sessions

Dhanak 2021 brings you live interactive session with various people expertizing in various fields 
Join us on this journey to expand your creative knowledge and get to know the stories behind some successful people in the field of design 
Looking forward to seeing you there 



Jagdish C is the owner of Jaggusays Creative Works, a startup where he spends his days brainstorming for ways in which he could convert parts of discarded television sets, the insides of a CPU into earrings, and so on. He created a considerable buzz with his stall as more and more people made it a point to stop and stare. Invited by the Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh, Bengaluru-based Jagadish had displayed earrings made from peepal leaves, a pen stand made with discarded cassettes, a terrarium built in a light bulb and tissue paper holder made from a motherboard, and so on. He says what he loves most is using peepal leaves to create designs on lampshades, coasters, wall hangings and table mats



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Founded in April 2014 by self-taught paper artist Sunehra Koshy, Crack of Dawn Crafts aims to create a truly memorable experience for all special occasions. Whether it is the gifting or the celebration aspect of the occasion, they offer unique, handmade and spectacular solutions ranging from elaborate greeting cards and albums to decorations and invitations, all designed to make each event a monumental success. Today Crack of Dawn Crafts boasts a product range of over 500 designs, a team of 11 energised individuals and a growing client base of more than 36000 annual customers, from all over India and overseas. All products are designed and manufactured by the talented team of women-only paper artists at the Crack of Dawn Crafts studio in Bangalore. They retail out of their studio, their website, and all leading marketplaces including Amazon and Flipkart


 Fashion Designer 

Designer Harleen Anand was creatively inclined from a young age. Whether it was painting beautiful portraits, practicing macrame or crochet for home decor, or repurposing old clothes into fashionable new ones, she did it all.
Coveted jobs as an in-house designer at popular fashion houses of the time - Noor Jehan and Ravissant - paved the way for her to begin her eponymous fashion label with a workshop and studio at her home.
Her creative yet wearable designs have been loved for 35 years by Delhi’s well-heeled ladies.


Interior Designer 

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Neelu is  a freelance interior designer. Cozynest Interiors is her firm's name. After completing her Diploma in Interior Design in 2008, she started freelancing immediately.
She takes up only residential projects. From 2BHKs to 10,000sft homes, She has done various projects of different sizes and different budgets. But, the joy she gets in designing and implementing these projects is the same for every one of them.


Blogger and Graphic designer

I’m from the Netherlands which is where I’ve lived since my family moved here from London when I was two. I go to an international English-speaking school where I am the only person there who is in a wheelchair, so going to school has most certainly been an adventure that comes with its ups and downs .I was born with Serious Progressive Axonal Polyneuropathy. The condition is progressive, so I started out the same as any other child, but gradually my condition worsened as the disability progressed. I lost the ability to walk when I was thirteen so I’m now a permanent wheelchair-user. I’m an avid reader, an extreme superhero fan, and an enthusiastic film and TV-show lover. Most of the time I can be found curled up with a good book, blogging, or working on my comic book about a team of disabled superheroes. I also enjoy creating digital art which I used to design the headers and the logo for this blog. I type, write, and draw with a pen in my mouth since I have little movement in my fingers.
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